Definition of mellifluousness in English:



  • See mellifluous

    • ‘But the play really belongs to Marian Seldes, who floats, hovers, slithers, twists into salamandrine shapes, while enunciating with magnificent mellifluousness and perfect, usually hilarious timing.’
    • ‘A true Italian, Scarlatti apparently was incapable of writing anything lacking in grace or mellifluousness, and his vocal music - including dozens and dozens of operas - is considered to be particularly attractive.’
    • ‘Experimentation in traditional forms such as sonnets or terza rima hasn't really taken hold here, in part, perhaps, because there is more danger in Italian than there is in English of falling into dull mellifluousness.’
    • ‘The music's challenge is a delayed one however: first impressions suggest a generalised mellifluousness.’
    • ‘Looking back at my notes I observed that ‘Tanyel is a delightful interpreter of these big boned concertos’ and that she brought ‘a clear mellifluousness to proceedings’.’