Definition of melioidosis in English:



mass noun
  • An infectious disease of rodents, similar to glanders. It is occasionally transmitted to people, in whom it can cause pneumonia, multiple abscesses, and septicaemia.

    The agent is the bacterium Pseudomonas pseudomallei

    • ‘In this paper we review the microbiological, clinical and epidemiological observations in patients with septicaemic melioidosis, confirmed by the isolation of organisms from blood culture.’
    • ‘Seroprevalence data may indicate that many more than those who present with overt disease have latent melioidosis and may be at a risk of a relapse.’
    • ‘Authorities in Singapore have expressed concern about the rising death toll from the tropical disease melioidosis.’
    • ‘When mortality from melioidosis fell sharply after multiple changes in management at an Australian hospital, doctors wanted to identify whether a new drug was responsible.’
    • ‘In northern Thailand, melioidosis is the most common cause of septicaemia.’


1920s: from Greek mēlis, denoting a disease (probably glanders) affecting asses, + -oid + -osis.