Definition of melick in English:



  • A grass with purplish florets, occurring in temperate woodland.

    Genus Melica, family Gramineae: many species

    • ‘Locally rare plants found here are wood cranes-bill, wood meadow grass, large bittercress and wood melick, with globeflower abundant on the islands on the River Carron.’
    • ‘Look for ancient woodland indicators including wild garlic, yellow archangel and wood melick, and away from the woodland you may well spot marsh and pyramidal orchids.’
    • ‘The male fern and broad buckler fern are also common, with occasional tussocks of wood melick.’
    • ‘There are many plant species typical of those found in ancient woodlands, such as yellow archangel, wood anemone and wood melick.’
    • ‘The ground flora is dominated by dog's mercury, with sanicle, woodruff, wood melick and wild garlic.’


Late 18th century: from modern Latin melica, perhaps from Italian melica ‘sorghum’.