Definition of melange in English:



  • A varied mixture:

    ‘a melange of tender vegetables and herbs’
    • ‘Overall the dishes were a study in contrasts, with textures and flavors working together in a superb melange.’
    • ‘With a melange of rhythmic numbers and the performance to match, the student participants too showcased unlimited energy and zeal.’
    • ‘Poised on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon, which was a great maritime power in the 15th century, enjoys a melange of cultures few cities can match.’
    • ‘But its productions are less theatre and more a melange of performance art, music, video, and dance.’
    • ‘The author's failure to define clearly these terms and movements makes for a confusing melange that never comes into focus.’
    • ‘Unreliable texts, enigmatic melanges of authenticity and rampant imagination arrive on Nanson's lap and draw him further in.’
    • ‘It was a melange of different groups, types and individuals.’
    • ‘Lithological variations within the Delb Khairkhan melange suggest that the melange is derived from different tectonic environments.’
    • ‘Staring back at her, by mouth gaping, a melange of confused emotions begin stewing up inside me.’
    • ‘The composition of the melange varies along strike.’
    • ‘Each winemaker sees this wine as a personal statement and each blend is a unique melange of the varieties in the vineyards.’
    • ‘But confusion still reigns over their genre-mashing melange of styles.’
    • ‘There's a nice melange of original and covered material.’
    • ‘It's deep, fluid and rich, yet with poise and an exotic melange of fruit, spice and rose petal flavours that linger on and on well after you swallow.’
    • ‘Grupo Batuque, like Paul Horn, have created a rhythmic melange of percussive sounds from Brazilian, African and Indian sources.’
    • ‘As a result of this fusion, the music played by Mambo Sound can be described as a Caribbean melange with Euro-Western taste.’
    • ‘It was superb: marshmallow-soft pastry and a glorious melange of fish within, the salsa adding a sweet but piquant edge.’
    • ‘It may not be just a two-tier economic divide, but increasingly a three-tier melange which needs to be harmonized in some way.’
    • ‘Weird is not necessarily bad, especially when a wine is a melange of grape varietals.’
    • ‘Skilled dancers move beyond pirouettes with their melange of tricks inspired by the Peking Opera and martial arts.’
    mixture, medley, blend, variety, mixed bag, mix, miscellany, diversity, collection, selection, assortment, assemblage, combination, motley collection, pot-pourri, conglomeration, jumble, mess, confusion, mishmash, hotchpotch, hodgepodge, ragbag, pastiche, patchwork, farrago, hash
    scissors-and-paste job, mash-up
    gallimaufry, omnium gatherum, olio, salmagundi, macédoine
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From French mélange, from mêler to mix.