Definition of meibomian in English:



  • Relating to or denoting large sebaceous glands of the human eyelid, whose infection results in inflammation and swelling.

    ‘meibomian cysts’
    • ‘A chalazion is a chronic granulomatous inflammation in the meibomian gland.’
    • ‘A meibomian cyst is an enlargement of the glands that lie within the eyelid and which secrete lipids.’
    • ‘The most effective treatment for meibomian cysts is to bathe them with warm compresses about four or five times a day.’
    • ‘The oil layer is secreted by 16 to 20 glands in the eyelids called the meibomian glands.’
    • ‘We speculated that pigmentation of the meibomian glands in this patient was due to obstructive dysfunction of the meibomian glands as well as to the use of liquid eyeliner.’


Early 19th century: from the name of Heinrich Meibom (1638–1700), German anatomist, + -ian.