Definition of megaron in English:



  • The central hall of a large Mycenaean house.

    • ‘Depictions of feasting per se are hardly the goal of these programs, since the feast was being actively celebrated by living participants, whether in the megaron or in the palace courts.’
    • ‘Terracotta votives from the third to the early first century BC were found deposited in the megaron beside the temple.’
    • ‘In the Pylos megaron fresco, the upper bodies of the figures seated across the table from each other are missing.’
    • ‘Equally, it might be seen as a megaron (with its central roof open to release the smoke of internal fires), or as a regenerated plantation of tall conifers.’
    • ‘On the wall of the megaron itself is the famous scene showing the lyre-player, bull, and individuals seated on campstools on either side of a three-legged table.’