Definition of meeting place in English:

meeting place


  • A place where people gather or meet.

    ‘his Venetian house became a lively meeting place for foreign collectors’
    • ‘It was decided to designate the Memorial building as the permanent meeting place for the association.’
    • ‘This state-of-the-art building will be the central meeting place for leading experts in earth sciences.’
    • ‘The house later became a Quaker meeting place.’
    • ‘The graveyard is a regular meeting place for young people at night.’
    • ‘The bar/restaurant there is a popular meeting place.’
    • ‘They function as meeting places where men sit and talk while drinking coffee or tea.’
    • ‘The favorite meeting place of the two is the hotel bar.’
    • ‘These were fashionable meeting places, ideal locations for informal business discussions.’
    • ‘Social networking sites provide the virtual meeting places on which unrefined political messages are quickly disseminated.’
    • ‘The structure will have galleries, classrooms and meeting places.’
    • ‘The group is an ideal meeting place for all mums and dads of young children.’
    • ‘We hold our volleyball practice in a gymnasium that doubles as a church meeting place.’
    • ‘Since 1998, her popular website has served as an international meeting place, discussion forum and source of advice for expatriates around the globe.’