Definition of medusa fish in English:

medusa fish


  • A fish of the cool temperate waters of the North Pacific, the young of which typically accompany jellyfishes and may feed on their tentacles.

    Icichthys lockingtoni, family Centrolophidae

    • ‘These are pelagic animals (live in open ocean) and often support other life, such as the two medusa fish living inside the jellyfish's bell.’
    • ‘Young medusa fish live among the tentacles of jellyfish, who are immune to their sting.’
    • ‘These large jellyfish serve as temporary homes for young crabs and at least one species of fish, the medusa fish.’
    • ‘On our last trip, one of the biologists from the Vancouver Aquarium actually found a rare medusa fish hiding inside a sea blubber.’
    • ‘It is also called a medusa fish, it is more commonly associated with other types of jellies.’