Definition of Medicean in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmɛdɪˈsiːən//mɛˈdiːtʃɪən//ˌmɛdɪˈtʃiːən/


  • Relating to the Medici family.

    • ‘The outcome of this shocking naivety was that the sons of Brutus - that is, the partisans of the Medici - survived to destroy him and restore the Medicean tyranny after the debacle of 1512.’
    • ‘Ruling families like the Medici cleverly manipulated their own role in the Council through sumptuous art objects like Gozzoli's frescoes that claimed Medicean pre-eminence in bringing about the Decree of Union.’
    • ‘It is unlikely, in contrast to Mantegna, that he devised his own allegories, though he was well known in Medicean humanist circles.’
    • ‘By the 1520s the Medicean emblem of three interlocking rings had become the artist's personal mark.’
    • ‘These last, with an eye to getting a position in Florence, he quickly named ‘the Medicean stars'.’