Definition of medical opinion in English:

medical opinion


  • The advice or judgement of a doctor or group of doctors.

    ‘it may help to get a second medical opinion from another doctor’
    mass noun ‘medical opinion cautions against fad dieting’
    • ‘A substantial body of medical opinion shares this concern.’
    • ‘She promised that their case would be supported by medical opinion.’
    • ‘The discussion is still unresolved and medical opinion varies.’
    • ‘The Scottish Act provides for second medical opinions and the right of access to the Court of Sessions to resolve disputes.’
    • ‘Last December, following expert medical opinion, a court in Flanders ordered that the waste incinerator be closed.’
    • ‘He examined the plaintiff on two occasions and he provided expert medical opinion evidence at trial.’
    • ‘He admits that he needed a favourable medical opinion to have a viable case.’
    • ‘The medical opinion is that her problems will increase with age.’
    • ‘After a number of medical opinions and a specific regimen, he is doing much better.’
    • ‘We had obtained an independent medical opinion from somebody outside the hospital who was a specialist.’
    • ‘Contrary to expert medical opinion, Jonathan is still alive four months after doctors expected him to die.’
    • ‘Ten months on, she has defied medical opinion to make a miraculous recovery.’
    • ‘Contemporary medical opinion on the subject is conflicting.’