Definition of medical history in English:

medical history


  • The whole series of past illnesses and treatments of a particular person.

    ‘her medical history included childhood asthma’
    • ‘Plans include a national database that will contain a summary of each patient's medical history.’
    • ‘Dr. Castillo reviewed her medical history and did a physical examination.’
    • ‘With this app you can store your pet's medical history as well as contact information for your vet, local boarders, and pet stores.’
    • ‘When filling out an information and medical history form, patients are typically asked to check a box to indicate their marital status.’
    • ‘The amount you get will depends on your age, sex and medical history.’
    • ‘Your GP will look at your full medical history and ask you about your symptoms.’
    • ‘There was a push to give doctors better access to their patients' entire medical history and records.’
    • ‘After reading my medical history form, she led me to a treatment room.’
    • ‘At an infertility clinic both partners are given a full physical examination and a detailed medical history is taken.’
    • ‘A thorough medical history helps determine what hormones may be needed.’
    • ‘To diagnose an allergy to mold or fungi, the doctor will take a complete medical history.’
    • ‘Nutritionists usually take a complete medical history of you and your family.’
    • ‘Make sure you disclose all relevant medical history and information requested.’