Definition of medical examination in English:

medical examination


  • An examination to determine someone's physical health.

    • ‘A medical examination also found a massive amount of anti-depressants and alcohol in the body.’
    • ‘They must face up to six hours of questioning from police officers followed by a medical examination, which for many can be especially harrowing.’
    • ‘But investigators said he had passed two medical examinations before take-off, and a post-mortem examination found no alcohol in his system.’
    • ‘Those who undergo routine medical examinations, which last half an hour, can currently take the rest of the day off, with it counted as a working day.’
    • ‘Pupils should also have a twice-daily medical examination for the first 10 days.’
    • ‘A judge has told a persistent drink-driver to pass a medical examination before he can drive again.’
    • ‘North Yorkshire Police said Mrs Barry had spent the night out of doors and was undergoing a medical examination this afternoon.’
    • ‘After a recent medical examination, a doctor told Mike his chest sounded like that of someone ten years older.’
    • ‘Before you go into the ring you have got to have a medical examination.’
    • ‘The victim has since returned to Bristol after undergoing a medical examination.’
    • ‘The two bus drivers had lots of experience and had undergone medical examinations shortly before the trip.’
    • ‘A routine medical examination revealed that she was about seven weeks pregnant.’
    • ‘Those who suffer repeated miscarriages are referred directly to a specialist clinic for medical examinations.’
    • ‘The last Christmas he was home, he had flown in for medical examinations.’
    • ‘Many insurers ask you to have a medical examination and they will pay for this to be carried out.’
    • ‘Last week, however, the same court voted 11 to 9 to reject the defence's request for immediate medical examinations to determine that issue.’
    • ‘Dr Crouch said the centre allowed victims to have a medical examination in a non-threatening and comfortable environment.’
    • ‘On one occasion, I had to return to Austria for medical examinations at my own expense and was also harassed for translation costs.’
    • ‘The victim will have a medical examination and with the help of specially trained family liaison officers detectives will take video statements.’
    • ‘A medical examination can only determine the extent of an injury.’