Definition of medical doctor in English:

medical doctor


  • A person who is qualified to diagnose and treat people who are ill (as opposed to someone who has the title ‘Doctor’ for another reason)

    ‘his father and grandfather were medical doctors’
    • ‘You'll need to ask a medical doctor for more information.’
    • ‘Make sure you use prescription drugs only as prescribed by a medical doctor and take only the recommended dosages.’
    • ‘The exam can be performed by a medical doctor or licensed paramedical in your home.’
    • ‘Such centers usually employ both medical doctors and certified or licensed specialists in the various alternative therapies.’
    • ‘Army field hospitals were managed by medical professors and licensed medical doctors, who managed medical students working under their guidance.’
    • ‘Psychiatrists are the medical doctors most highly trained to treat mental illnesses and addictive disorders.’
    • ‘Consult your medical doctor first.’
    • ‘I had gone to conventional medical doctors and had received chemotherapy.’
    • ‘That's an explanation you might hear from medical doctors.’
    • ‘The problem is compounded by the fact that medical doctors are not usually aware of underlying lifestyle causes that may be the root of the problem.’
    • ‘Walker, a retired medical doctor from Sweden, has been in St Lucia since 1993.’
    • ‘More and more teachers, engineers, scholars, and medical doctors are being trained.’
    • ‘She is a qualified medical doctor and a pharmacist.’
    • ‘The author is Junichi Saga, a medical doctor by profession.’
    • ‘He is one of a handful of medical doctors who also has a Ph.D. in public policy.’