Definition of mediascape in English:



  • 1Communications media as a whole.

    ‘the rapidly changing mediascape in Belgium’
    • ‘In short, for the Indonesian mediascape to be a real force for democratic reform, it must incorporate diverse media activities and outlets.’
    • ‘They are to be congratulated on a book that analyzes and immerses readers in the new mediascape that is becoming increasingly dominant in our lives.’
    • ‘Found amidst the wave of celebration for high technology and the increasingly global mediascape, these works represent an alternative stream of innovation in the grey area where art and science intersect.’
    • ‘But this year, the combination of Internet growth in general and their own internal crisis will make blogs a very, very important part of the mediascape here.’
    • ‘We are progressing towards a landscape which blurs the line between the mediascape and material reality.’
    • ‘Blogs, and the entire mediascape, have changed quite a bit since I started making this film two years ago.’
    • ‘The film exploitatively employs a transnational generic register to express an utter rejection of the privileged status of violent imagery in the broader Spanish mediascape.’
    • ‘The papers focused relentlessly on the urban scene at a time when downsizing and centralizing corporate media had left a gaping vacuum in the local mediascape.’
    • ‘Methodologies that focus on a single medium and particular types of text seem inappropriate to the understanding of the contemporary mediascape.’
    • ‘After all, people like me, like us, do not typically get a voice in the loud, overcrowded mediascape.’
    • ‘The state monopolised the electronic mediascape, and the Palapa satellite vastly expanded its national audience.’
    • ‘Articles, interviews, and key book reviews in contemporary discourse are published weekly as well as theorisations of major ‘event-scenes’ in the mediascape.’
    • ‘Envision a mediascape in which all content will merely consist of pretty images of pretty people, images that shoppers can click on to purchase whatever the models are wearing or using or posing alongside.’
    • ‘As this occurs, indigenous popular musicians are becoming increasingly important mediators in the surrounding national mediascape, writing and singing about possible ways to educate and empower.’
    • ‘This morning they did a story on the place of blogging in the mediascape.’
  • 2in singular The world as presented through, or perceived by, the mass media.

    ‘the vast, ubiquitous mediascape we inhabit today’