Definition of mechanistic in English:



  • 1Relating to theories which explain phenomena in purely physical or deterministic terms.

    ‘a mechanistic interpretation of nature’
    • ‘Human behavior is to be explained in terms of mechanistic causes, just as the behavior of all natural phenomena are to be explained.’
    • ‘There certainly appears to be a tension between a mechanistic philosophy and a humanistic outlook.’
    • ‘Both sides assume an essentially deterministic, mechanistic view of nature.’
    • ‘Until recently, this mechanistic view of nature and human beings has held sway.’
    • ‘Behaviorism is an example of a theory that is founded on a mechanistic paradigm.’
    • ‘He believed in atomism and defended a mechanistic explanation of nature.’
    • ‘The mechanistic basis of these phenomena is not understood.’
    • ‘It demands an approach that is the negation of purely mechanistic materialism.’
    • ‘Many of the most accepted theories in the social sciences encourage a mechanistic view of human nature.’
    • ‘Allen particularly drew attention to the mechanistic materialism that underlay these conceptions.’
    • ‘His work in chemistry was aimed at establishing it as a mathematical science based on a mechanistic theory of matter.’
    • ‘Malik seems to recognise this threat when he argues that the attempt to understand human beings in mechanistic terms is motivated by an anti-humanism.’
    • ‘Three mechanistic hypotheses have been proposed to explain those relationships.’
    • ‘This reductionist or mechanistic view of patients is no longer satisfactory.’
    • ‘Perhaps you think I don't accept this idea and instead think in some literal mechanistic way?’
    • ‘The idea of a Newtonian, mechanistic universe, and thus causal determinism, is out of date.’
    • ‘The true philosophy of Cudworth's intellectual system combines mechanistic atomism with Platonic metaphysics.’
    • ‘There is no morality in the mechanistic world, and no freedom, as human beings cannot act otherwise to their nature.’
    • ‘Vitalism is opposed to mechanistic materialism and its thesis that life emerges from a complex combination of organic matter.’
    • ‘Second, the integration of living beings into the new natural philosophy of mechanistic naturalism was left unresolved.’
    1. 1.1Determined by physical processes alone.
      ‘he insisted that animals were entirely mechanistic’
      • ‘Science, Gray suggests, reveals that 'humans cannot be other than irrational', but science itself is a product of our poor, irrational, mechanistic minds.’
      • ‘I believe that physicians and patients may be responding to how mechanistic the practice of medicine has become.’
      • ‘They do not accept that the biological world is governed by mechanistic processes determined by laws of nature.’
      • ‘If humans are mechanistic beings, it becomes harder to understand why they should not be used as means to an end or why there should be much concern with what they are thinking or feeling.’
      • ‘Schlemmer thought that the essential inner vision and unity with nature could only be achieved through simplification and in both painting and sculpture reduced the human figure to mechanistic manikins of extreme formality.’