Definition of measuring jug in English:

measuring jug

(US measuring cup)


  • A jug or cup marked up in graded amounts, used in cooking.

    • ‘Mom turned to the cabinets and began looking for the measuring cup.’
    • ‘She set the plate in the sink, on top of several mixing bowls, measuring cups and cookie sheets.’
    • ‘During the next part of the class period Stephanie did what she could, retrieving ingredients and measuring cups from the drawers and cupboards.’
    • ‘So her company is selling items such as three-dimensional puzzles and plastic measuring cups that teach toddlers simple math through volumes.’
    • ‘At that the older woman began to walk around from cupboard to cupboard pulling out a large glass bowl, a spatula, butter, a butter knife, a frying pan, pancake mix, a measuring cup, and a box of frozen sausages.’
    • ‘I grinned at her and turned back to the stove and listened as she got a pot, the rice and a measuring cup then came and stood next to me.’
    • ‘Sugar is almost strictly prohibited in that diet… Why do you have a measuring cup?’
    • ‘Gunpowder poured into a small measuring cup from a slit on the opposite end.’
    • ‘In previous surveys, interviewers were armed with measuring cups, spoons, and rulers when they visited households.’
    • ‘On average, estimates improved by about one-third with the mounds compared to the measuring cups.’
    • ‘I poured some of the milk into a measuring cup and popped it into the microwave for one minute.’
    • ‘If you've ever used a liquid measuring cup, chances are you've had to bend down to look at the mark, to see if it's too high or too low, and then keep bending to make several adjustments.’
    • ‘He handed me a measuring cup and the pancake mix and told me to measure out so many cups.’
    • ‘She got out the bowl, the flour, eggs, a mixer, some chocolate, milk, a measuring cup, and a pan.’
    • ‘The second meaning indicates gradations of quantity on thermometers or measuring cups.’
    • ‘And the last time I checked, wasn't Pyrex for making measuring jugs and durable cookware?’
    • ‘We had pots, pans, cooking utensils, measuring cups, and anything else you can think of (except food) that goes in a kitchen.’
    • ‘Taking the measuring cup into my own hands I told her drink her medicine.’
    • ‘Kenzie, you go get the butter, milk, and eggs to start off with, and Kyle, you go get the mixing bowls and measuring cups.’
    • ‘I looked at the measuring cup I used for the water.’


measuring jug

/ˈmɛʒərɪŋ ˌdʒʌɡ/