Definition of meanwhile in English:



  • 1also in the meanwhileIn the intervening period of time.

    ‘meanwhile, I will give you a prescription for some pills’
    • ‘Jaysen in the meanwhile found a black ‘Made’ shirt and decided to buy it.’
    • ‘President Eisenhower was furious and the Soviets, meanwhile, threatened to intervene on behalf of Egypt.’
    • ‘Aimée, in the meanwhile, sat talking with the mother, questioning her with her accented English and trying to get the victim's profile.’
    • ‘Chantelle in the meanwhile was in awe of how much fun she was having and how far Justin could carry her at this pace.’
    • ‘A proximity alert started to go off in the meanwhile - two Crab fighters were trailing him.’
    • ‘And in the meanwhile, they managed to reach the 2.6GHz frequency.’
    • ‘And in the meanwhile we are a little bit concerned with the slightly limited opportunities in terms of CPU overclocking.’
    • ‘In fact, we will return to some details of the Data Prefetch mechanism later in this article, and in the meanwhile this is exactly what you need to know about it.’
    • ‘Rumors of Marie's past had spread throughout Virginia City in the meanwhile, and Joe found himself compelled to defend his mother's good name.’
    • ‘This isn't actually scheduled to go to trial until February 14 next year, but in the meanwhile Intergraph seems to be getting the best of the skirmishing.’
    • ‘Here we are, talking about peace and brotherhood and all that and in the meanwhile, we're creating secret weapons!’
    • ‘Lorne meanwhile has left to move to somewhere else to help another friend with his nightclub.’
    • ‘Tash, in the meanwhile, remained in the car, smiling at his reaction.’
    • ‘There was nothing of importance that happened in the meanwhile that was worth mentioning.’
    • ‘Were you hoping that I would disappear in the meanwhile?’
    • ‘However, no one said what I should or shouldn't do in the meanwhile!’
    • ‘April, in the meanwhile, was flirting with a few other models, but her eyes were glued to Nicholas.’
    • ‘But in the meanwhile, something new looms on our horizon.’
    • ‘Brett, in the meanwhile, had turned his attentions to his wife and had managed to convince her to at least taste the cake.’
    • ‘The teacher, in the meanwhile, was in the equipment room looking for his whistle.’
    for now, for the moment, for the present, for the time being, meantime, in the meantime, in the intervening period, in the interim, in the interval, in the meanwhile, the while, temporarily
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    1. 1.1 At the same time.
      ‘steam for a further five minutes; meanwhile, make a white sauce’
      • ‘I glared with horror at Lucien for his crude statement, all in the meanwhile backing away from the two of them in an embarrassing attempt to hide my appalling state.’
      at the same time, simultaneously, concurrently, meantime, the while
      at the same time, simultaneously, concurrently, the while
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  • 2On the other hand.

    ‘he has said little, meanwhile, about how he plans to live his life’
    • ‘Luke, meanwhile, was still safe in the preserve of private school, where he might be subject to the push and pull of peer pressure, but was better isolated from the starkness of the bankrupt city around us.’
    • ‘Tim Perkins, meanwhile, who writes and performs the musical accompaniment, is considerably more restrained here than on previous releases.’
    • ‘Mary, meanwhile, though desperate to free herself from her mother's influence, aches to do the same to her own child.’
    • ‘The country's leaders, meanwhile, appear to have a different agenda.’
    • ‘Lee, meanwhile, welcomed the new millennium by giving up stand-up entirely.’
    • ‘Eliot, meanwhile, was more worried about his career as a poet than about his marriage, which had been undertaken mostly in the interests of that career.’
    • ‘Eric, meanwhile, was going in the opposite direction.’
    • ‘Boe, meanwhile, is quiet and solemnly handsome.’
    • ‘Denton, meanwhile, suggests that it's wrong to judge the franchises on their (admittedly patchy) short-term results.’
    • ‘Barber, meanwhile, had been hankering after writing opera as early as 1932, though he initially avoided approaching his partner for a text.’
    • ‘Japan, meanwhile, accounted for 12.4 per cent of China's exports in 2004.’
    • ‘The sound, meanwhile, is excellent.’
    • ‘Vega, meanwhile, sounds as menacing as before.’
    • ‘Stoppard, meanwhile, remained at the top of his profession.’
    • ‘My unit, meanwhile, came with a free bottle of sweet white wine.’


Late Middle English: from mean + while.