Definition of meandering in English:



  • 1Following a winding course.

    ‘meandering rivers flow at vastly different rates’
    • ‘Built on seven hills and intersected by the meandering River Vltava, Prague offers a stunning array of architecture.’
    • ‘A bank of lush vegetation separates the tree-lined driveway on one side from its boundary, which is defined by the meandering river Deelagh.’
    • ‘Oxbow lakes are formed when river channels cut through their own meandering paths and form shorter courses, leaving standing bodies of water.’
    • ‘He tossed all the company men overboard and took his rag tag crew on a meandering route to Barbados.’
    • ‘I made the drive through the meandering roads of Montecito once a week.’
    • ‘The last phase of the project converted the meandering Kissimmee River, the main watershed artery to Lake Okeechobee, into a formless drainage canal.’
    • ‘A journey on a Brisbane River ferry highlights the contrasting character of adjacent pockets within the meandering river.’
    • ‘But during my long, meandering walks through London, I marveled at the architecture, parks, and people.’
    • ‘The opening animated graphic is a meandering roadway which, after describing a few bends and curves, stops and emits skinny flagpoles flying the section headings.’
    • ‘The humans pursued a meandering course through the forest.’
    • ‘The centerpiece of Cumbler's story is the meandering Connecticut River, stretching from the border with Canada to the Atlantic Ocean.’
    • ‘The rear garden is dotted with mature spruce trees and frames a view of the meandering Derry river, which provides a natural boundary for the property.’
    • ‘Grids lay upon the landscape reducing meandering rivers and their jagged embankments to scenic enjoyments or inconveniences to overcome.’
    • ‘And the program includes almost all the states bordering the river, from its start as a meandering creek in northern Minnesota to its end at the Gulf of Mexico - 2,500 miles later.’
    • ‘One antiqued gray-green shape suggests a Japanese stone lantern, while its surface mimes an aerial view of a meandering river.’
    • ‘Slowly the landscape changed as the two elementals followed the meandering river.’
    • ‘The aptly titled venue was surrounded by a huge gorge, rolling bluffs and a meandering river.’
    • ‘The space for each city was divided in two by a meandering path extending from Cario to Dakar.’
    • ‘The family acquired a former cereal farm, a 300 hectare spread extending along both sides of the meandering river Ega.’
    • ‘In the avalanche of smells and sounds and sights on the crowded beach we had forgotten the twins, each of us assuming that they were following our meandering path.’
    winding, windy, zigzag, zigzagging, twisting, turning, curving, serpentine, sinuous, snaking, snaky, twisty, tortuous
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    1. 1.1 Proceeding in a convoluted or undirected fashion.
      ‘a brilliant sample of meandering discourse’
      ‘a florid and rather meandering melody’
      • ‘The ensuing 86 minutes unfold in a slow, meandering fashion, yet somehow remain likeable even if nothing much happens.’
      • ‘Is it possible to purchase audio tapes of Mr Brown telling meandering stories which contain subliminal messages that will boost my confidence and competence?’
      • ‘Blessed with a running time polite enough to not overstay its welcome, it cuts a meandering swathe through a whole plethora of styles.’
      • ‘Short and stylistically different than much of the rest of the album, it features Hayden in top vocal form, gently wrapping his words around a meandering piano melody.’
      • ‘Where's this self indulgent, meandering twaddle going, I hear you cry, if indeed you're still reading.’
      • ‘If there is a point, it soon becomes lost in the meandering ending.’
      • ‘This overly long melodrama from the Philipines suffers technical flaws like poor dubbing, patchy performances and a meandering narrative.’
      • ‘Maybe I wasn't quite in the mood such a slow, meandering film.’
      • ‘It's a quietly elegant film, with a meandering pace to reflect the setting.’
      • ‘Instead, it turns into a meandering plod through confused politics and hinted rebellion that never really gets going until the final 20 minutes.’
      • ‘I'd been attempting to answer them in her own meandering style, and was never entirely sure what I was saying.’
      • ‘In these meandering reflections, neither Bacon the man nor Bacon the artist ever comes alive.’
      • ‘The Namesake is a meandering narrative following Gogol, the American son of Bengali Indians who immigrated to Massachusetts during the 60s.’
      • ‘Her meandering journey sometimes fails to engage.’
      • ‘An album for long, meandering summer afternoons, Magic and Medicine is a quirky and imaginative bundle of joy.’
      • ‘When read straight through, the narrative digressions take the reader on a meandering path that resembles hypertextual linking.’
      • ‘On offer are two formats: a limited edition double CD comprising all 120 meandering minutes, and a single CD which omits most of the second half of the set.’
      • ‘The film is meandering and self-indulgent in places, although the music, images and commentary occasionally combine to create moments of genuine beauty.’
      • ‘The meandering blasts of flute that weave their way throughout lend the song a Chinese feel and make it quite enticing.’
      • ‘This episodic, meandering film follows the men as they wander the streets, hang out in bars and offer advice to each other.’
      rambling, circuitous, roundabout, digressive, discursive, indirect, diffuse, tortuous, convoluted
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usually meanderings
  • 1An act of following a winding course.

    ‘ox-bow lagoons left by the river's meanderings’
    • ‘Radlauer places her palm on the map showing the Mississippi's meanderings.’
    1. 1.1 An act of wandering in a leisurely or aimless manner.
      ‘in the course of his meanderings through the city’
      • ‘Through their neighborhood meanderings and the example of their father, they grow to understand that the world isn't always fair and that prejudice is a very real aspect of their world no matter how subtle it seems.’
      • ‘My meanderings through the crowd had taken me back to the buffet tables where I'd managed to procure a glass of wine from among less palatable offerings.’
      • ‘Bath Walks records a series of meanderings around the City of Bath, identifying architectural details and revealing new relationships between the patches of buildings and its streets.’
      • ‘One distinguished exponent is Van Morrison, whose Astral Weeks album detailed his meanderings through Cyprus Avenue, a tree-lined road near his childhood home in east Belfast.’
      • ‘It was on one of these nocturnal meanderings that I spotted a young girl walking along about a block ahead of me.’
    2. 1.2mass noun Convoluted or undirected thought or language.
      ‘he has a penchant for obscure verbal meanderings’
      • ‘As such, his writings express the digressions, meanderings, meditations, ruminations and speculations that characterise a singular, idiosyncratic mind at work.’
      • ‘Combined with this talent, Sellers had an incredible ability to improvise and wander away from the script in wild comic meanderings, which, on many occasions, prevented his co-star from keeping a straight face.’
      • ‘Some comedy ensues, but mostly grating, nihilistic meanderings.’
      • ‘After some scenes of topless women and some meanderings by the annoying characters, the mayhem starts.’
      • ‘Bharat's character remains that of a confused young man, whose mental meanderings border on the morose.’
      • ‘And she closed the door somewhat forcefully to leave Charles in his moody meanderings.’
      • ‘The songs return and gone is the half-baked amalgamation of in-jokes and dubwise meanderings.’
      • ‘By concentrating on the issue of IRA arms, Trimble has returned to an old stomping ground already trodden bare with the meanderings of various politicians, military experts and intelligence operatives.’
      • ‘Emerging from their apparently aimless meanderings came an essential truthfulness, a revelation of how things are.’
      • ‘For example, the title track's obscured by excessive meandering, never giving any indication of the song's center, or the composition's significance.’
      • ‘Tash bemusedly watched the meanderings of her increasingly inebriated castmates as Richard and Hugo attempted to create a way to play checkers with beer bottle tops.’
      • ‘The book is so full of events, meanderings, digressions, legends, conversations, and adventures, that a patient reader will never find his interest exhausted.’
      • ‘I was stirred from my mental meanderings.’
      • ‘For you, then, we offer the following statistical meanderings.’
      • ‘Bley offers four meditative meanderings that lull the listener in, before surprising them with a new and unexpected turn.’
      • ‘Unfortunately, the equality extends to the stilted acting, melodramatic meanderings, and too-convoluted plot twists of its erotic thriller pedigree.’
      • ‘Alas, she repeatedly hits the microphone to blast her listener with monotone meanderings, thus dampening the whole vibe.’
      • ‘But the play belongs to its two male leads and when they are on stage you forgive Gray's elegant meanderings.’