Definition of Mbuti in English:



  • A member of a Pygmy people of western Uganda and adjacent areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire).

    • ‘Within Africa, the two Pygmy groups have the lowest heterozygosity, and the Mbuti markedly so.’
    • ‘Streams and forests are being degraded, the livelihoods of the indigenous people, the Mbuti, in the Okapi Wildlife Reserve are threatened, and wildlife is being destroyed at an alarming rate.’
    • ‘The choreographer is a long-time fan of the polyphonic vocalizing of the Aka clan of the Mbuti (commonly known as Pygmy).’
    • ‘Some of these groups are the Aka, Baka, Efe, and Mbuti.’
    • ‘The Mbutis (of the Pygmy group) in central West Africa, for example, were pushed all the way into the Ituri Forest of DRC and Gabon.’


  • Relating to the Mbuti.

    • ‘In particular, the Mbuti population shows highest genetic variation but a lower value for the expansion index compared with those for Central Africans, Europeans, and East Asians.’
    • ‘The Mbuti people are renowned for a vocal style in which many voices simultaneously sing different, independent melodies.’


The name in local languages.