Definition of Maxim gun in English:

Maxim gun


  • The first fully automatic water-cooled machine gun, designed in 1884 and used especially in the First World War.

    • ‘Despite the technical superiority of the Maxim gun, the U.S. Army resisted using it until 1904.’
    • ‘On July 6th the great rock fortress was stormed under a barrage of artillery and Maxim gun fire.’
    • ‘We've tossed out the Maxim gun for daisycutters and cruise missiles.’
    • ‘The cold froze the oil on the rifle-bolts and jammed the two Maxim guns.’
    • ‘Actually, he had envisioned his weapon for use by soldiers on the move - not as an aircraft weapon - because the Maxim gun had proved too heavy for mobile infantry.’
    • ‘Imagine the difficulty, if you will, of crouching in a crowded, dimly lit, smoky bunker while trying to strip, clean and reassemble your Maxim gun as the concussion of allied shells causes dirt to rain down on you from the roof.’
    • ‘The Maxim gun, Gunbus fighter and Vimy bomber are among the famous military products of Crayford.’
    • ‘On the right he soon had an opportunity to put his two Maxim guns to work.’
    • ‘From this distance the Maxim gun looks like the first wheel.’
    • ‘As early as 1903, 11 machine gun detachments had been formed with each consisting of six MG 01 Maxim guns, with horse drawn gun and ammunition wagons.’


Named after Sir Hiram S. Maxim (1840–1916), American-born British inventor.