Definition of maxillary in English:



Anatomy Zoology
  • 1Of or attached to a jaw or jawbone, especially the upper jaw.

    ‘a maxillary fracture’
    • ‘Regarding the marked size decrease of maxillary to premaxillary teeth, it seems likely that relative size of the teeth is allometrically and ontogenetically controlled.’
    • ‘The two frontal sinuses are just above the eyebrows, the two maxillary sinuses by the cheekbones and the two ethmoidal sinuses are between the nasal cavity and the eye sockets, and drain into the middle of the nose.’
    • ‘The upper dentition, based on socket size, is slightly heterodont, with smaller premaxillary teeth and larger maxillary teeth.’
    • ‘The teeth most often missing are the third molars, second premolars, and maxillary lateral incisors, and other teeth may be reduced in size.’
    • ‘The inferior turbinate was incised, and a bulging tumor in the right maxillary sinus was taken out piecemeal through the maxillary sinus ostium.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to the maxillae of an arthropod.
      ‘the maxillary palp’
      • ‘Labial and maxillary palps are transformed to legs (arrows).’
      • ‘In the fruit fly they are located on the antennae and the maxillary palp, an appendage near the fly mouth.’
      • ‘These hybridization results show that the gene is expressed in two olfactory organs: the third antennal segment and the maxillary palp.’
      • ‘It is visible in the third antennal segment, but not the maxillary palps or larval chemosensory organs.’
      • ‘Widespread deposition of Scrib was also detected in the antennae and maxillary palps (data not shown).’


Early 17th century: from maxilla, probably suggested by Latin maxillaris.