Definition of maxi in English:



  • 1A skirt , coat, or dress reaching to the ankle.

    as modifier ‘the maxi skirt lengthens the silhouette’
    • ‘My mom would run across Palmer Square in the purple maxi coat she still speaks fondly of and buy coffee and cookies to share in the back pews.’
    • ‘Fortunately, dresses easily accommodate ages three to five, evolving from maxis to minis over the years.’
    • ‘Unlike men, women can dress any number of ways: dresses, pantyhose, jumpsuits, maxis, minis, pantsuits, heels, stilettos, whatever.’
    • ‘Bonnie & Clyde made cynicism as hip as fedoras and maxi skirts.’
  • 2A racing yacht of between 15 and 20 metres in length.

    • ‘Less than three hours after the race began, one of the three maxi yachts in the race broke its boom and had to limp back to the harbour here for repairs, after initially leading the fleet.’
    • ‘The leading maxis were logging average speeds of between 13 and 15 knots and were still on course to smash the current crossing record of 14 days and five hours.’
    • ‘In Australia, the media is focussed on the large maxi yachts.’
    • ‘Green striped maxis travel the north-south and central areas of Trinidad, POS to San Fernado, Couva and Claxton Bay.’
    • ‘They helped the maxi yacht show off her ‘high tech’ keel.’


1960s: abbreviation of maximum, on the pattern of mini.