Definition of mawashi in English:



  • A type of loincloth worn by a sumo wrestler.

    • ‘These two often wear brightly colored mawashi, and show great fighting spirit.’
    • ‘However, this retired yokozuna stayed on the sidelines and did not don a mawashi.’
    • ‘As most of you know, the contestants in a sumo match traditionally fight naked except for a loincloth called a mawashi.’
    • ‘They rise as early as four or five in the morning, put on their mawashi, and begin keiko (practice).’
    • ‘It was cheaper to rent a car, put gas in it and use it to transport two people (plus their gear, and a batch of mawashis) than it would have been for one person to fly up there and back.’
    • ‘While women also wear the mawashi, a belt some seven to eight metres long wound tightly around the lower body, it goes over a leotard and, sometimes, Lycra shorts.’
    • ‘While most bouts take little time, some bouts can take over a minute if each rikishi has a grip on the mawashi but neither can execute a throw.’
    • ‘The rikishi then return to their dressing room where they trade in their ceremonial kesho-mawashi for their regular coloured fighting mawashi.’
    • ‘They rise as early as four or five o'clock in the morning, put on their mawashi and begin keiko (practice).’
    • ‘I asked if he'd bring home the extra mawashis I'd brought up for the contest, and he acceded to this (I really didn't think he'd say no because he's that kind of a nice guy).’
    • ‘Discover which modern-day master sports the smartest mawashi belt.’
    • ‘But the smaller man had his hands firmly locked on the yokozuna's mawashi, and refused to yield even as he was literally bending him back on himself like an overdrawn bow.’
    • ‘Among the perks are a salary, personal servants called tsukebito, participation in the dohyo-iri wearing a kesho-mawashi and a special white training mawashi.’
    • ‘On one side you have a big, beefy man in a mawashi and shorts; on the other you see a trim, athletic person in a uniform with a badge.’
    • ‘The other group uses the mawashi from which to launch a variety of throws or trips.’
    • ‘They were rigged out in mawashi, taught the proper etiquette - and thrown headlong into the competition.’
    • ‘As soon as the match resumed, he grabbed the Mongolian's mawashi and used a pulling overarm throw to take the win.’


Japanese, from mawasu ‘to put round’.