Definition of mauby in English:



mass noun
  • A West Indian drink made from the bark of trees of the buckthorn family.

    • ‘The mauby is unforgettable; it's basically a Caribbean version of sarsparilla, all sweet, licoricelike, perkily spicy, and palate-cleansing.’
    • ‘It was almost like Christmas - except without ham - when mauby and sorrel was served.’
    • ‘It is they who shoved us into wanton consumerism, into a society in which we must maintain a champagne lifestyle on mauby pockets.’
    • ‘Many meals, especially during special occasions, are served with mauby (a drink made from the bark of a tree), Guinness stout, and Carib and Stag beers.’
    • ‘A favorite local dish is fungi (cornmeal and okra) and fried fish; favored beverages are drinks made from local fruits, and include limeade, soursop, mauby, and passion fruit.’


From Carib mabi, denoting a drink made from sweet potatoes.