Definition of mating season in English:

mating season


  • A period of the year during which members of an animal species mate, typically adopting behaviour characteristic of their species.

    ‘song birds in the mating season seem to sing endlessly’
    • ‘In southern Finland the mating season begins soon after snowmelt, typically toward the end of April.’
    • ‘These frogs take longer to emerge from hibernation to answer the call of the spring mating season.’
    • ‘Males in better condition at the start of the mating season will be more successful.’
    • ‘Males and females only get together during mating season.’
    • ‘Until the mating season, they live in the forest eating fallen leaves, berries and carrion.’
    • ‘During mating season, males fly over their territories piping clear, melodious notes.’
    • ‘The flying foxes' mating season marks their noisiest and most social time of year.’
    • ‘Males sing to attract mates, and once paired, they continue to sing throughout the mating season.’
    • ‘We studied red-sided gartersnakes in central Manitoba, Canada during their mating seasons in May 1997 and May 1998.’
    • ‘Adult males advertise the most, especially in the mating season.’
    • ‘In mating season, the male sings deliriously as he whirrs madly over the hayfields.’
    • ‘The pandas will be housed in separate enclosures at the city's zoo and brought together for their annual mating season, which lasts only between two and seven days between March and May.’
    • ‘Males are usually solitary except during the mating season.’
    • ‘It was just over one hundred days to the elephant mating season.’
    • ‘The pandas only have one mating season per year.’
    • ‘The sea turtles reach the shore during their mating season, December-January.’