Definition of mating in English:



  • The action of animals coming together to breed; copulation.

    ‘courtship and mating also occur on land’
    • ‘Here, males maintained a constant sperm number irrespective of whether a mating involved one, two, or three males.’
    • ‘Mating can take place either in water or on land.’
    • ‘The second male was always placed with the female on the day that the first mating had occurred.’
    • ‘The cameras were triggered automatically by any movement in the vicinity of the bower, where all courtship and mating take place.’
    • ‘The minerals are passed on in a sperm packet during mating, to enrich the eggs.’
    • ‘Courtship and mating takes place from late winter to spring.’
    • ‘If a mating failed to occur within 10 min, we replaced the male.’
    • ‘It only needs just a small number to survive for the mating to be a success.’
    • ‘In the first part of the study, we investigated size-dependent mating in the field.’
    • ‘Worldwide, not many areas exist where shark mating can be observed.’
    • ‘In this situation the cost of mating for the female is essentially the cost of a (forced) copulation.’
    • ‘Matings were usually performed at 23°; males produced at 25° were not as proficient in mating.’
    • ‘Mature virgin females are highly receptive to mating.’
    • ‘In one specific example, mating in yeast, cell-cell communication is mediated by secreted peptide pheromones that stimulate physiological responses leading to mating.’
    • ‘At several points during the mating, the female appeared to be trying to break free.’
    • ‘The frequency of mating, researchers speculate, is meant to stimulate egg release in the female.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, with random mating among sexually produced gametes, selection on a modifier of sex is very weak.’
    • ‘When not engaged in territorial behaviors or mating, the winged adults forage great distances to prey on insects.’
    • ‘Mating in many animals increases predation risk, and courtship is often performed near where mating will occur.’
    • ‘The methodology is applicable to the investigation of parentage for all progeny developed from parental mating without subsequent generations of inbreeding.’
    copulation, copulating, coupling, sexual intercourse, intercourse, sex, procreation
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