Definition of maternalist in English:



  • See maternal

    • ‘The exaltation of family is consistent with the maternalist tendency to conceive of women as mothers, defined by their roles in a family structure.’
    • ‘Other women (such as women printers) opposed any sort of maternalist legislation that may have dictated the terms of their employment.’
    • ‘In France as in England, maternalist rationales celebrated feminine traits to maintain and extend women's place in school inspection.’
    • ‘Middle class and elite women with maternalist goals were more concerned about the moral than the physical safety of young women and believed that domestic service provided a safe space for young women (They also needed servants).’
    • ‘While the politics of maternalist welfare, and the policies adopted, varied from one country to another, the overall trend was toward extensive state aid and propaganda designed to promote motherhood.’