Definition of matchless in English:



  • So good as to be unequalled; incomparable.

    ‘the Parthenon has a matchless beauty’
    • ‘He was an intellectual and moral touchstone, of matchless integrity, selflessly public-spirited and civic-minded in a way that is harder and harder to find.’
    • ‘But his tireless energy, his matchless ability to persuade advertisers that space in his pages was worth buying, transformed the Digest's fortunes in India.’
    • ‘It has a matchless second-hand bookshop which sells bundles of sage used by the Ojibwa to prepare sacred space, seven types of Kentucky chewing tobacco, and undulates with cats.’
    • ‘Shakespeare's greatness lies not in a gift for memorable phrase but in his matchless exploration of enduring human concerns that are not tied to a particular era or social system.’
    • ‘Now is the time to visit this park before more lodges open and the remoteness and matchless beauty are lost to the tourism.’
    • ‘And where he is matchless is as a poet of fishing and the sea.’
    • ‘His talent for wringing bitter humor out of miserable lonely men is matchless.’
    • ‘They spent two days filming and interviewing around the area and were mainly blessed with excellent weather so they could capture some of the matchless scenery.’
    • ‘For pure, quiet horror, I think that lyric is matchless.’
    • ‘They were wells of knowledge, too, passionate from having acquired a matchless knowledge of their subject as well as the trust of collectors.’
    • ‘These were and continue to be the standard answers, and they're all essential to her matchless achievement.’
    • ‘It concludes with an explanation of the meaning of Independence Day to Americans with matchless eloquence and insight in words that remain as relevant now as then.’
    • ‘His physical beauty and the beauty of his play fused with all of his other qualities - his audacity, his bravery, his ambition - into a matchless whole greater than the sum of its parts.’
    • ‘Foremost among them are a fine intellectual acuity, a great sense of humour, a matchless raconteurial skill, a superb capacity for loyalty and friendship, and a keen interest in national and international affairs.’
    • ‘The series of period rooms are a matchless setting for the wonderful collection of furniture and artefacts.’
    • ‘The book has been re-launched by Penguin India to mark the 350th anniversary of the building of the matchless monument.’
    • ‘It is just the bare bones of a novel, but matchless all the same, much as a sketch by Rembrandt can outclass the competition.’
    • ‘He is matchless not only in the field of design and architecture, but in humility as well.’
    • ‘Given the extensive network of the Indian Railways, its competence to take the message to the nook and corner of the country is truly matchless.’
    • ‘In my few days there, I came to appreciate the matchless wit and capacity for fun, as well as their serious and at times somewhat dark side.’
    incomparable, unrivalled, inimitable, beyond compare, unparalleled, unequalled, without equal, peerless, unmatched, beyond comparison, second to none, unsurpassed, unsurpassable, nonpareil, unique, consummate, perfect, rare, exquisite, transcendent, surpassing, superlative, supreme
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