Definition of masterwork in English:



  • A masterpiece.

    ‘towering architectural masterworks like London St Pancras’
    • ‘Although there are still some masterworks on the program, there seems to be more of a focus on fusions of classical music and pop music and lighter classics this year.’
    • ‘And now the young man, the painter, marvels at his work, at his masterwork.’
    • ‘While last year's concert highlighted accordion classics, this season will feature a masterwork for harmonica.’
    • ‘Each one of these movies is a masterwork of form, style, and simple near-silent storytelling, even when the plots seem obtuse or illogical.’
    • ‘Sinewy and sensuous, these preparatory masterworks are anatomical wonders capturing the longings of the famously impetuous painter.’
    • ‘Scene after scene, line after line, the film is an underappreciated masterwork.’
    • ‘In an important sense, a document such as the Magna Carta or the map of the human genome belongs to everyone, as do humanity's artistic and architectural masterworks.’
    • ‘Over the next five years, Sturges produced a series of comedy masterworks, combining zipping dialogue with lark-about action.’
    • ‘But one man's notion of a masterwork may be another's idea of a folly.’
    • ‘An extraordinary number of masterworks were produced in book design, ceramics, furniture, glass, jewelry metalwork, prints, and textiles.’
    • ‘Norma is one of nineteenth century Italian opera's true masterworks.’
    • ‘The masterwork of the great philosopher of science, Karl Popper, was titled Conjectures and Refutations.’
    • ‘It's his masterwork, a testament to his love affair and a journey into moral territories that his late wife could only have approved of.’
    • ‘That such masterworks of portraiture and reportage are now seen in the context of fine art is wholly appropriate.’
    • ‘Here is a figure who rose from obscurity to create masterworks with the greatest musical mind of all time. Here is a poet who abandoned his vocation to sell tobacco.’
    • ‘He's the master of lyrical images filled with a foreboding darkness that's almost more like a painted masterwork than film.’
    • ‘Kubrick was all about making marmoreal masterworks, not pleasing mortals with morsels of wish-fulfillment fantasy.’
    • ‘The term ‘the arts’ usually refers to masterworks, or to art often created for previous culture through traditional mediums such as oil paints, charcoal, and pencil.’
    • ‘Thursday's recital includes solo piano masterworks of the classic and romantic eras.’
    • ‘And character was just what we had in mind when we selected five exceptional malts from which to craft our next masterwork.’
    work, work of art, achievement, production, opus, oeuvre, invention, handiwork, masterpiece
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