Definition of master gunnery sergeant in English:

master gunnery sergeant


  • A rank of non-commissioned officer in the US Marines, above master sergeant and below sergeant major.

    • ‘The Marine Band, dubbed ‘The President's Own’ by President Jefferson, has 143 enlisted members, of which 49 are staff sergeants, 44 are gunnery sergeants, 27 master sergeants and 23 master gunnery sergeants, she said.’
    • ‘There are a multitude of master gunnery sergeants throughout the Corps who have exceptional leadership skills and ideas along with suggestions that could be beneficial to the Corps.’
    • ‘On September 29,1925,he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps at 17 years of age and retired as a Master Gunnery Sergeant on February 6,1946.’
    • ‘The First Sergeant and Sergeant Major are administrative and command track, while the Master Sergeant and Master Gunnery Sergeant are on the technical experts command track.’
    • ‘Her promotion to master gunnery sergeant made her the first woman of her rank in this military occupational specialty.’