Definition of massicot in English:



mass noun
  • A yellow form of lead monoxide, used as a pigment.

    • ‘When the workmen take care not to agitate the massicot in placing it in the tun, they do not disseminate the saturnine dust during this operation.’
    • ‘Massicot is sometimes used by painters, and also as a drier in the composition of ointments and plasters.’
    • ‘He reported finding wulfenite, cerussite, anglesite, plattnerite, and massicot as alteration products of galena in three pegmatites at Saint Peters Dome.’
    • ‘A comparative study with different concentrations of two pigments (ultramarine blue and massicot) was carried out.’


Late 15th century: from French (influenced by Italian marzacotto ‘unguent’), ultimately from Arabic martak.