Definition of massage someone's ego in English:

massage someone's ego


  • Flatter someone.

    ‘I chose a man who massaged my bruised ego’
    • ‘Take away the desire for a challenge stuff, the only other reason I'm involved is to massage my ego.’
    • ‘If that massages your ego, think on this: on average, fifty percent of those other versions of you will be better than you.’
    • ‘Grant is self-centered and after ten years of massaging his ego, Dana is just about wiped out.’
    • ‘Few things massage a worker 's ego like being praised in front of his peers.’
    • ‘His wishes were granted, his teeth brushed, his ego massaged, his grapes peeled.’
    • ‘And if he can't get up to that level, he'll go away, because none of us will be massaging his ego.’
    • ‘Why would they question their master, their life was good and cushy and as long as they massaged his ego they would continue to dine at the top table and drink the best rum.’
    • ‘These people just knew exactly what he wanted and massaged his ego continually.’
    • ‘The machine happens to be extremely complimentary and massages your ego, which we all love.’
    • ‘Psychological bullies must also have their quota of sycophants, always ready to massage the bully 's ego.’
    • ‘What happens if the fans start taking it all for granted and forget to massage his ego?’
    • ‘The weights are there to help you sculpt your body, not to massage your ego.’
    • ‘But his logic dissolves any sense that he is just massaging his ego.’
    • ‘And that's not all: the super thief is out to massage his ego and finally prove that he is the best thief in the world.’
    • ‘If the client is too busy massaging his or her ego to hear what the artist has to say, trouble lies ahead.’