Definition of Masonite in English:



mass nounNorth American
  • Fibreboard made from wood fibre pulped under steam at high pressure.

    as modifier ‘quality Masonite boards’
    • ‘We are looking at buying a house that has Masonite on the exterior.’
    • ‘Now, each student used their transparency to project onto their prepared Masonite panel.’
    • ‘Since the shelves would have to support a good amount of weight, I cut Masonite rather than foam board to fit tightly into them.’
    • ‘The fresco is mounted onto a customized Masonite backing for reinforcement.’
    • ‘In fact, the paint will flow on them better than on the Masonite itself.’
    • ‘The size should not be larger than 6 inches in height or it will be too large when projected onto the Masonite panel.’
    • ‘Find a board onto which to glue the puzzle, such as Masonite or hardboard.’
    • ‘For the past few years, my students have used Masonite panels for the execution of their projects.’
    • ‘If the scales are not level with each other, use plywood or some other material, such as aluminum or Masonite, and shim them until all four scales are level.’
    • ‘Working often on Masonite or other board, and occasionally even on cardboard when he lacked funds, he would lay down a warm, dark tone, sometimes simply a coat of shellac, on which to paint.’


1920s: from the name of the MasonFibre Co., Mississippi, US, + -ite.