Definition of mason bee in English:

mason bee


  • A solitary bee which lays its eggs in cavities, constructing cells of sand and other particles glued together with saliva.

    Osmia and other genera, family Apidae

    • ‘We investigated the effects of distance and flower density of two flower species on pollen collection by providing nest locations for the mason bee Osmia lignaria in natural settings.’
    • ‘Here, beekeepers in a Herefordshire, England, orchard use smoke to subdue a hive, mostly likely a species of mason bee.’
    • ‘Red mason bees are particularly good for pollinating fruit trees.’
    • ‘Supplement them by hanging up bat houses, birdhouses, and orchard mason bee homes (blocks of wood drilled with holes).’
    • ‘It's easy to make a mason bee house by drilling holes into a block of untreated wood.’