Definition of masochist in English:



  • 1A person who derives sexual gratification from their own pain or humiliation.

    ‘the roles of masochist and mistress’
    • ‘They're similar, but masochists achieve sexual gratification through pain, either mentally or physically.’
    • ‘To achieve near-asphyxiation, masochists might place a noose around their necks.’
    • ‘I wouldn't go implying being a submissive and a masochist are the same thing.’
    • ‘Self-inflicted pain might enhance the masochist's sense of control over others by manipulating their sympathy or provoking a punitive response.’
    • ‘The masochist might also disavow infantile rage by displacing it onto seemingly malevolent figures.’
    • ‘True masochists, by definition, want to be shamed and have their self-esteem beaten into the ground.’
    • ‘There's also a sprinkling of sadomasochism, with the hostess trotting out the whip to use on a drooling masochist.’
    • ‘Masochists inflict pain upon themselves through shocking, pricking, or choking, and about 30 percent participate in sadistic behavior as well.’
    • ‘Every psychologist knows the misery suffered by the masochist, in whom sex excitement is caused by suffering corporal punishment.’
    • ‘She is a rarity here, a female masochist who comes to get abused.’
    1. 1.1 (in general use) a person who enjoys an activity that appears to be painful or tedious.
      ‘what kind of masochist would take part in such an experiment?’
      • ‘Those who argue that its secrets cannot be appreciated in one viewing are cinematic masochists.’
      • ‘Only a masochist would want to take a tour through an Irish winter.’
      • ‘Any individual of another nation would have to be a masochist to attempt to open a bank account here.’
      • ‘I think I'm a masochist, because I'm looking forward to making another film.’
      • ‘The travel guide describes it as being "for masochists only."’
      • ‘Unless you are a masochist, buy plants rather than sowing seeds.’
      • ‘Only masochists volunteer for this committee.’
      • ‘It's important to distinguish between a circumscribed period of hardship that you enter into knowingly and an ongoing environment best suited for masochists.’
      • ‘Only a tragically unsophisticated masochist could consider his performance good acting.’
      • ‘My inner masochist always find some excuse to return, and I've generally found the album more enjoyable with each subsequent listen.’