Definition of martial eagle in English:

martial eagle


  • A brown eagle with a brown-spotted white belly, which is Africa's largest eagle.

    Polmaetus bellicosus, family Accipitridae

    • ‘The largest eagle in Africa, the Martial eagle weighs in at almost 14 pounds and has a wingspan of about 6 feet 4 inches.’
    • ‘Not satisfied with his efforts to chase off the Martial eagle the baboon followed up his initial attack and dashed up the tree where the eagle had taken refuge and chased the bird out of the tree.’
    • ‘The vultures seem not to mind, the authors note; they once witnessed a vulture fighting off a martial eagle that was dragging a young silverback jackal skyward to enjoy as a meal.’
    • ‘The Martial Eagle is to be found in the savannah and thornbush areas of Africa south of the Sahara, from Senegal to Somalia and south to the Cape.’
    • ‘I expected the stork to be dead, but suddenly it raised its head and with a last force of dying energy attempted to spear the Martial Eagle in the head.’