Definition of marsupial mole in English:

marsupial mole


  • A mole-like burrowing Australian marsupial with yellow fur and a horny shield on the front of the head.

    Notoryctes typhlops, the only member of the family Notoryctidae

    • ‘There have been no direct studies of hearing in golden moles or in the marsupial mole.’
    • ‘Sensory hairs are evidently present in nearly all species of fossorial mammals, the possible exception being the marsupial mole, Notoryctes.’
    • ‘They range from small four-footed forms like the marsupial mole, Notoryctes, to the large two-legged kangaroos.’
    • ‘Golden moles and marsupial moles use upwards thrusts of their heads in combination with their forelimbs to move the soil.’
    • ‘There are no reports of any form of vibratory communication in talpid moles or in the marsupial mole.’