Definition of marshy in English:



  • Characteristic of or resembling a marsh; waterlogged:

    ‘the marshy ground towards the sea’
    • ‘It was a large, indoor school that sat upon a sandy island surrounded by marshy swampland.’
    • ‘They nest in the low Arctic, on tundra ponds with marshy shores and bogs.’
    • ‘They were marching steadily across the marshy northlands, their pace slowed by the necessity of watching their feet for sinkholes and mud puddles.’
    • ‘Hilly, wooded, and marshy regions, marginal from a settler point of view, were capable of functioning as core areas of native lordship.’
    • ‘In the summer, they breed on marshy, lowland tundra at the northern limits of the boreal forest.’
    boggy, swampy, muddy, squelchy, soggy, waterlogged, oozy, squashy, miry, fenny
    paludal, paludine
    marish, quaggy, uliginous
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