Definition of marsh fern in English:

marsh fern


  • A tall fern that grows in marshes in Eurasia and North America.

    Thelypteris palustris, family Thelypteridaceae

    • ‘The western section contains the main feature of this reserve, an area dominated by common reed with hemlock water-dropwort, marsh pennywort, gipsywort, marsh fern and soft-rush hidden away among the reeds.’
    • ‘Many members of the marsh fern family, particularly those in the genus Thelypteris, are difficult to distinguish at first glance.’
    • ‘Marsh fern spreads rapidly, especially when given supplemental water or grown in damp soil.’
    • ‘Marsh fern, cinnamon fern, and bracken fern grow in full sun. Most ferns prefer moist soil and partial shade.’
    • ‘Marsh fern is one of the best fern species for wet soils, although not as robust as cinnamon, royal, and ostrich ferns.’