Definition of marksmanship in English:



mass noun
  • Skill in shooting.

    ‘officers trained in advanced marksmanship’
    • ‘Commanders and shooters alike will appreciate the new manual for its usefulness in improving a unit's marksmanship and fieldcraft skills.’
    • ‘A constant focus on the use of weapons would make marksmanship training safer.’
    • ‘What makes this person dangerous is not his marksmanship skills.’
    • ‘Marksmanship is something the army could do a little better.’
    • ‘Military doctrine of the time emphasized massed rifle fire, downplaying marksmanship.’
    • ‘Effective marksmanship in the mechanized divisions was attributed to a master gunner program.’
    • ‘An army preparing for a guerrilla war needs to devote more time to rifle marksmanship.’
    • ‘I will have to say that everyone was taken completely by surprise by her marksmanship.’
    • ‘With the support of his commander, a battalion master marksman would improve marksmanship proficiency in the light infantry battalions.’
    • ‘Infantrymen today continue to struggle with marksmanship, especially under combat conditions.’