Definition of marksman in English:



  • 1A person skilled in shooting.

    ‘a police marksman’
    • ‘They want to do the things that they believe police marksmen do and military snipers do, so the selection of the rifle and the selection of the round fits into that.’
    • ‘Teenagers carrying replica guns risk being shot at by police marksmen.’
    • ‘Both are expert marksmen, sharpshooters, snipers of great skill and reputation.’
    • ‘A police car containing marksmen was used to try and herd the heifer towards the river, but it continued its rampage.’
    • ‘The children were ordered inside as police marksmen arrived at the scene and shot the animal.’
    • ‘Police marksmen are having to make more and more split second decisions on whether to shoot an apparently armed person to protect the public.’
    • ‘Police marksmen are on standby to shoot the exotic animal, which has eluded capture for more than a month.’
    • ‘The decision was then taken to deploy police marksmen to the scene to shoot the renegade.’
    • ‘The rules of engagement for police marksmen are deliberately simple and unambiguous.’
    • ‘When they were on the pavement, a police marksman immediately jumped out from behind the bus.’
    • ‘Although they lack the capability to fire real ammunition, some look and feel so realistic that even skilled police marksmen are hard-pressed to tell the difference.’
    • ‘Police said the marksman grew concerned the situation would escalate and others could be hurt.’
    • ‘Police and soldiers lined the route, and marksmen on rooftops watched over the parade and procession.’
    • ‘At midnight she heard one of four shots fired as a police marksman killed the rampaging stag.’
    • ‘Although no one was harmed in either incident, police chiefs warned that marksmen are authorised to open fire when they believe life is being ‘imminently threatened’.’
    • ‘He smiled briefly, but said nothing as he was led into the bullet-proof prison van with police marksmen watching.’
    • ‘After all, one doesn't become a high-class marksman from mechanical shooting ranges.’
    • ‘They are determined to stop children getting hold of imitation and fake weapons because they can often end up in the gun sights of police marksmen.’
    • ‘Scottish police marksmen have been issued with a revolutionary type of plastic bullet that could make conventional firearms almost redundant.’
    • ‘Last night, the area remained cordoned off and police marksmen still had their rifles trained on the flat.’
    sniper, sharpshooter, good shot
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    1. 1.1informal A footballer skilled in scoring goals.
      ‘he is one of the country's most prolific marksmen, scoring 34 goals in 46 matches’
      • ‘Until Robert found his touch the new man became the club's top marksman despite playing in midfield.’
      • ‘His club colleague lined out at corner forward and emerged as the top marksman with a goal and four points.’
      • ‘The division two top marksman scored twice and missed a penalty in the 3-2 win at York.’
      • ‘He remains one of just 30 players to have appeared in every season of the Premiership, and his 79 goals put him in its top 20 marksmen.’
      • ‘Locally born and bred Mike, a prolific marksman in the Reserves, was handed his golden opportunity when his team mate limped off after 41 minutes with a groin injury.’
      • ‘The young marksman fired in his first senior goal on Saturday and reckons there is much more to come.’
      • ‘Their two top marksmen from last term scored two goals each with the fifth coming from Fox.’
      • ‘He scored 34 times last year and is the Welsh Premier's record marksman.’
      • ‘It took Limerick 17 minutes to score when their chief marksman pointed.’
      • ‘For the Swede still remains 15 goals shy of the total the supreme Rangers marksman racked up in matches between Scotland's footballing leviathans.’
      • ‘How laughable those comments were as England's finest marksman now begins to show his true self.’
      • ‘The main problem was identified as goal scoring and he was sent out to bring in two proven, top quality marksmen and that has transformed the whole scene.’
      • ‘He done it in Italy with Udinese and Parma, and topped the scorers charts so there is definitely a talented marksman within him.’
      • ‘Concerns over keeping all these marksmen happy hold little weight with directors and managers alike.’
      • ‘One of the top marksmen in Premiership history has scored goals at every club he has played for.’
      • ‘Doubts remain, however, over the participation of the 28-goal leading marksman.’
      • ‘He insists that the World Cup is far from his mind but this is undoubtedly the biggest year yet of the 30-year old marksman's football career.’
      • ‘Indeed, Iain claims that his main marksman still suffers from a lack of confidence.’
      • ‘The six-goal marksman, who had scored three times in his previous two outings, was replaced by Darren, who was starting his first home game of the season.’
      • ‘Unsurprisingly Toby has been singing the praises of their ace marksman.’