Definition of marketplace in English:



  • 1An open space where a market is or was formerly held.

    ‘the quaint cobbled marketplace’
    • ‘You can still follow the colonnaded main street of their city, and trace in the jumbled stones the outline of marketplaces, swimming pools and palaces.’
    • ‘Housing developments are the norm; shopping centers and strip malls have partially replaced the old marketplaces.’
    • ‘Fragments of India includes images and sounds from Hindu and Jain temples, Muslim tombs, mosques and marketplaces.’
    • ‘They restored their factories and their marketplaces.’
    • ‘Aside from the shelters, many internally displaced people are living in schools, mosques, government offices and marketplaces.’
    • ‘In the marketplaces of towns like Maradi, food is plentiful, but many here simply can't afford to pay the high prices.’
    • ‘City Council Commission B for economic affairs demanded the city administration on Wednesday to take stern action against vendors who sold wild boar meat as cheap beef at marketplaces in the capital.’
    • ‘Several NGOs have social workers at railway stations, bus stands, marketplaces and other crowded locales to identify and relocate children who have run away from home.’
    • ‘In the marketplaces, vegetable sellers pile their wares into colourful pyramids, shouting at passing donkeys intent on stealing a mouthful of spinach.’
    • ‘It was the street food in crowded marketplaces.’
    • ‘Before his recapture, he stayed at inns or slept at video game rooms, all located in the vicinity of the two marketplaces.’
    • ‘The Iranian bazaar has a long history dating back to the fifth century, when public marketplaces moved inside the city walls.’
    • ‘I believe that they split the revenue according to the proportion of artists who are selling stuff in conventional marketplaces.’
    • ‘So in the coming weeks, road users will have to exercise more tolerance when they find many parts of the city's streets around marketplaces occupied by these seasonal traders.’
    • ‘Its new marketplaces, built in traditional style, broad avenues, parks and city-wide greenery cover a land where only a few decades ago the sands blew.’
    • ‘You can also find them close to important public buildings, marketplaces or subway stations.’
    • ‘Just as crimes are severely punished, statues of virtuous men, set in marketplaces, publicly honor good deeds.’
    • ‘The ‘twists and turns in their lives’ are a subject of discussion that begins at marketplaces and continue even at the dinner table.’
    • ‘Using minimal props and costumes they create trumpeters and fairies, castles and marketplaces, with ease and clarity.’
    • ‘Anyone who's interested can learn something about the limits of political manipulation and the public's stubbornness just by visiting the nation's squares and marketplaces.’
    1. 1.1 The arena of commercial dealings.
      ‘the changing demands of the global marketplace’
      • ‘Water is also becoming a valuable commodity traded in the global marketplace.’
      • ‘How many of our producers would spend money going to the US to find out what the world's biggest marketplace wants?’
      • ‘Of course, on a commercial level, stimulating fads is all about invigorating the marketplace.’
      • ‘For these musicians the local marketplace and the global market are at some level the same.’
      • ‘The Internet automates many business processes, it reduces costs, open up new marketplaces and empowers customers and potential customers alike.’
      • ‘We could thus imagine various marketplaces facilitating commerce in live organs and tissues while restricting such commerce to a nation state or grouping of states such as the European Union.’
      • ‘Like all new inventions we will be interested to see whether the claims made of this product will satisfy the commercial and domestic marketplaces.’
      • ‘It must function in the same broadcast marketplace that commercial entities operate in.’
      • ‘In this world of outsourcing and global marketplaces, geographical borders seem to be fading.’
      • ‘The more you market, the more aware the marketplace will be of the services you offer.’
      • ‘The public now understands that medicine no longer controls its marketplace.’
      • ‘There, banks are having to learn to dance to a new tune, participating as finance partners for such marketplaces - if they are involved at all.’
      • ‘Several efforts have been made so far to create marketplaces for open source software, though none as yet employs a software completion bond mechanism.’
      • ‘Branding your product or service is a good way to create recognition in the marketplace.’
      • ‘In general terms, they say, global competition in the local marketplace crowds out local variety.’
      • ‘In the financial marketplace, the value of a stock can be driven up or down by expectations for the future.’
      • ‘Our society depends on a free and robust marketplace not only of goods and services, but also ideas.’
      • ‘This is no way to be creative - it's no way to operate in a commercial marketplace today.’
      • ‘The second reveals an unwillingness to face the commercial realities of the marketplace.’
      • ‘Through that process we have emerged as a strong player and unlike those companies with a single global strategy we can operate well in regional marketplaces.’