Definition of marketization in English:


(also marketisation)


  • 1[mass noun] The exposure of an industry or service to market forces:

    ‘it seems disposed to hold back the BBC from the marketization of broadcasting’
    • ‘Voters seem strangely resistant to a campaign based on the Iraq war, the marketisation of public services and new authoritarian powers for the state.’
    • ‘Two other chapters examine one Bulgarian ex-state enterprise's resistance to marketisation, and contestations over the Czech Republic's restructuring of coal mines.’
    • ‘By ‘change’ they mean pushing though further attacks on welfare benefits, privatisation and marketisation in health and education, along with ever greater pressure for people to work harder and longer.’
    • ‘The result is the commercialisation and marketisation of early childhood services as entrepreneurs stepped in to fill the gap.’
    • ‘They are both a product of the marketisation of education.’
    • ‘My rural doctor daughter never had it easy, but not with the marketisation of the health industry she is struggling for survival as rural hospital services decline.’
    • ‘We have the standing and a special obligation to ‘just say no’ to further marketization of academia, if anyone can.’
    • ‘The current ongoing process, of marketisation, assessment and so on, in Britain's higher education institutions is then one of enclosure and primitive accumulation.’
    • ‘But much work remains to be done in fighting stigma and prejudice, training medical health professionals and undoing the damage that excessive marketisation has wrought on the Chinese medical system.’
    • ‘The marketization of university research is now becoming institutionalized.’
    • ‘Despite the destructive nature of the current trend toward standardization and marketization, progressive teachers and teacher educators continue to struggle to teach in socially responsible ways.’
    • ‘Many journalists have benefited from the marketization of the media.’
    • ‘Indeed, marketization can exacerbate the problem if it encourages insurers to fragment the risk pool and maximize profits by discriminating against people likely to get sick.’
    1. 1.1 The conversion of a national economy from a planned to a market economy:
      ‘the marketization of the Russian economy’
      • ‘For intensive growth to occur, elites could no longer engage in taxing the marginal product at high rates, thus shifting from a regime of rent seekers to a regime that accrues income from the increasing marketization of society.’
      • ‘In this way, the social democratic state is ‘brought back in’ after an initial period of marketisation.’
      • ‘Change in China since reforms began in the late 1970s has been consistent with more marketization and fewer government directives.’
      • ‘The rapid movement toward globalization and marketization has and will continue to aggravate problems of poverty and inequality in the short to medium term.’
      • ‘It has been stated that the current international trends towards marketisation have far-reaching gender implications, which present both opportunity and crisis for women worldwide.’
      • ‘In an age of globalisation and marketisation, the life values sustained through the community life and love are constantly diffusing and substituted with competition.’
      • ‘With the collapse of the Soviet Union and its client states and the marketization of the Chinese economy, there seem to be no real totalitarian states left in the world as the twenty-first century opens.’
      • ‘The global transformation from state-driven planning to marketization that began in the 1980s took hold in Asia in the 1990s.’
      • ‘But where I don't see a connection with neo-conservatism is on the issue of marketization.’
      • ‘In short, the Soviet legacy worked as a hindrance to full marketization, and as a safeguard against utter catastrophe.’
      • ‘If there had been this kind of wild and unrestrained marketization in post-war Germany or Japan, the legacy of fascism would never have been flushed out.’
      • ‘As part of the deregulation and marketisation of the British state, privatisation has been part of a process of internationalising the economy.’
      • ‘Privatization and marketization, as we have seen, were key elements; so too was deregulation of the labour market.’
      • ‘In the post-socialist world of marketization and privatization, women tend to be employed in the public sector where jobs come with social benefits, men in the new economy of the private sector which is far more lucrative.’
      • ‘These families were suffering the pressure caused by the marketization of the economy and the urbanization process.’
      • ‘These complex conditions cannot be reduced to some unidirectional process of deregulation / marketization, nor should it be portrayed as a benign process of zero-sum regulatory redistribution across scales.’
      • ‘This remains valid both as a historical remark, in relation to the historical development of proletarianisation and marketisation, and more importantly as an analytical remark.’
      • ‘But marketization and globalization were not neutral, and as China grew closer to the West economically, it found itself under growing pressure to abide by international political norms.’
      • ‘This highlights the continuing totalitarian assumptions of the state, despite liberalizations flowing from the marketization of the economy.’
      • ‘Yet gradually the economic culture was changing, and marketization was spreading through its own inertia of motion.’