Definition of marketeer in English:



  • 1A person who sells goods or services in a market.

    ‘software marketeers’
    • ‘He said in the case of base tax from marketeers, the problem had been the politics of markets where it was not clear which association was legally constituted and could be relied upon.’
    • ‘Billed by its advocates as the best-kept secret on the internet, search-engine marketing has become the medium of choice for thrifty marketeers.’
    • ‘True to that, marketeers and police have from time to time clashed over market closures in the country in the face of epidemic outbreaks.’
    • ‘You are a victim in a sophisticated chain of deceit, where everyone involved in the chain, from the marketeers to the salespeople to the banks to the lawyers, probably knew you were being ripped off.’
    • ‘Simultaneously, at the opposite end of the spectrum, corporate marketeers ponder how to most effectively court the young consumer.’
    • ‘He, however, disclosed that the association gave out soft loans early this month to some marketeers in Luanshya, Mansa and Ndola who had applied for the facility.’
    • ‘It is a wonder how every day a levy is collected from the hundreds of marketeers who sell their merchandise but nothing of great value in terms of self-help efforts to clean up has been seen.’
    • ‘She sought an independent valuation and, despite resistance from the marketeers, this revealed the unit had been sold four months earlier for $165,000.’
    • ‘The coexistence of mortals and immortals has been lost, not to make the film easier to follow but to make it easier to sell for Hollywood marketeers.’
    • ‘Others are ravaged by hunger and thus spend their time at various marketplaces selling merchandise for marketeers to make ends meet.’
    • ‘We will continue to pursue new orders for the Hawk, and our marketeers and salesmen know the importance of these to our company and its employees.’
    • ‘The Nigerian government, however, estimates that £5.5 million-worth of its crude is tapped by the gangs each week, and sold to international grey marketeers.’
    • ‘The discovery sparked complaints from marketeers, that some traders were using charms at the expense of others who were genuinely and honestly trading.’
    • ‘He said very soon, he would start the work of electrifying the market as the marketeers were willing to be selling their merchandise during the night.’
    • ‘But the music business is run more and more by the accountants and marketeers dreaming of vertical integration, product and the bottom line rather than being thrilled by music or nurturing careers.’
    • ‘The Zambia Revenue Authority will target small-scale traders and marketeers and unregistered passenger and cargo transporters.’
    • ‘Each time the fire is experienced at the market, the marketeers were quick to point out about the need to put up permanent structures to avoid such incidents in future but this talk ends as soon as the dust settles.’
    • ‘And some marketeers at Soweto market in Lusaka have accused some members of the MAC of failing to run the market and advise the council correctly.’
    • ‘Also, as a marketeer I'm always looking for more money to spend - budgets can be quite constricting.’
    • ‘They levy marketeers and traders all sorts of fees and have audacity to even allocate market stalls or cause expansions of these utilities without the consent of the council.’
    seller, salesperson, salesman, saleswoman, dealer, trader, tradesman, retailer, shopkeeper, shopman, shop girl, shop boy, sales assistant, assistant, wholesaler, merchant, trafficker, purveyor, supplier, stockist, marketer, sales representative, door-to-door salesman, travelling salesman, commercial traveller
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    1. 1.1with modifier A person who works in or advocates a particular type of market.
      ‘in the US libertarians are free marketeers to the bone’
      • ‘Finally, if you don't have labor markets, the entire argument that marketeers put forth for having any kind of markets collapses.’
      • ‘Both are pro-American marketeers, Howard from instinct, the Prime Minister from a process of political calculation that is based part on principle, part on political expediency.’
      • ‘John Paul has also publicly and privately been far more critical of what he once referred to as a savage kind of capitalism than some of the free - marketeers in the Bush camp.’
      • ‘The thought was rather alien to hard-nosed capitalist marketeers and took many years to secure a foothold.’
      • ‘It is a different scene with experts like Joseph Stiglitz, ex-World Bank top economist, openly critical of the gung-ho marketeers.’