Definition of marketability in English:



mass noun
  • 1The ability of a commodity to be sold or marketed.

    ‘a garden will increase the marketability of your property’
    • ‘The institute was founded to increase the marketability of whey protein isolates.’
    • ‘Another selection factor to consider when planning for hybrid marketability is what markets are accepting the GMO crop being considered.’
    • ‘Just as in nature there is a great variety of skills and resources, so there is a variety in the marketability of goods.’
    • ‘The potential marketability of a traditional crop versus biotech is an added bonus.’
    • ‘Many market participants fail to distinguish between the essence of liquidity and marketability.’
    • ‘These standards promote optimal calf health, performance, well-being, and marketability of the resulting product.’
    • ‘This may lead to a decision based on economics or potential crop marketability.’
    • ‘Invasive species threaten New Jersey's agricultural resources through lost production and marketability for agricultural products.’
    • ‘To further its brand marketability, the company established an in-house advertising agency in 1988.’
    • ‘Tree freshness is an important factor affecting marketability.’
    1. 1.1 Attractiveness to potential employers or clients.
      ‘I obtained a degree to improve my marketability’
      • ‘They feel that returning to school will provide them with more flexibility and marketability in their career choices.’
      • ‘In order to ensure her ability to earn a living, she must relocate, abandon her children, and deny her previous marriages, all in order to secure her marketability as a wife.’
      • ‘I'm willing to pay him based on his performance and his marketability.’
      • ‘One marketing analyst suggested that a conviction might actually increase his marketability.’
      • ‘The dearth of roles for older female actors appeared to cultivate perceptions of their marketability.’
      • ‘If your company is not on the radar screen, you need to assess your skills and upgrade accordingly to maintain your marketability.’
      • ‘The width of his marketability often earns him criticism.’
      • ‘The fact remains that it is his name that gives him his marketability.’
      • ‘She seems to stumble upon her marketability these days almost by accident.’
      • ‘When it fades and ripens into middle age, what happens to us in terms of our emotional sense of who we are and to our marketability as women?’