Definition of market maker in English:

market maker


  • A dealer in securities or other assets who undertakes to buy or sell at specified prices at all times.

    • ‘They maintain that larger bid-ask spreads represent compensation to the market-maker for the superior information possessed by informed investors who participate only in underpriced issues.’
    • ‘He has little or no competition for that because he is an aggressive market-maker and market taker.’
    • ‘It played the role of market-maker, taking speculative financial positions on the utilities markets and leveraging its equity on a massive scale.’
    • ‘Goldstein, though, responded: ‘There is an allegation here that market-makers are overpricing second hand endowments.’’
    • ‘There is no market-maker in the middle to be compensated or to slow down the order, resulting in better pricing and the faster trade executions for the client.’
    • ‘This would allow market-makers to adjust prices for other securities effectively as demand and supply conditions change.’
    • ‘In consequence, market-makers would probably push long-term interest rates upwards because they feared a rise in the inflation rate and, hence, a reduction in the real value of fixed-interest government securities.’
    • ‘Susquehanna International Securities and CSFB are also acting as market-makers in certain stocks.’
    • ‘Over the past 12 months, however, there has been much more interest from market-makers so that many more policies are being sold at an appreciably higher price than the surrender value.’
    • ‘The seller is both market-maker and a monopolist.’
    • ‘An investigation showed that market-makers were ignoring customer limit orders that offered better prices than dealers wanted to post.’
    • ‘There are several market-makers in these policies and investors interested in buying them often find it worthwhile to attend their monthly auctions.’
    • ‘But as a highly-leveraged market-maker in all kinds of commodities, Enron could only survive on the goodwill and trust of its financiers, customers and shareholders.’
    • ‘Investors who lost money in Room Service as a result of short selling by Evolution market-makers will this week call on the Treasury select committee to investigate the London Stock Exchange's handling of the affair.’
    • ‘This activity is producing a feast for the shoal of firms that depend on it - nominated advisers or ‘nomads’, plus specialist lawyers, brokers and market-makers.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the jitters currently gripping economists and market-makers alike are symptomatic of a deeper problem.’
    • ‘That's exactly what Nasdaq market-makers are afraid of.’
    • ‘Political calls for patriotic buying - encapsulated by one enthusiastic Senator who proclaimed that the ‘first front of this war is at home’ - had been heard not by consumers but by the traders and market-makers.’
    • ‘Thus the market-maker in securities can finance its inventory, and the fund manager can also raise short-term moneys, without disturbing its underlying, portfolio.’