Definition of market day in English:

market day


  • A day on which a market is regularly held.

    ‘Saturday is market day’
    ‘market days were a breathtaking riot of colour’
    • ‘The central and west central car parks, which are normally full to capacity for most of the Thursday market day, were half empty.’
    • ‘In most communities, there is a weekly market day, which plays an important role in the economic and social fabric of the village.’
    • ‘I don't expect anything like my friends in the American and Canadian north-east have been experiencing but even so I shall put our market day on hold if things get bad in our target area.’
    • ‘It's a market day and you tend to get higher levels of street crime and pickpocketing.’
    • ‘The branch has passed a unanimous resolution deploring the institution of Friday as a market day, but the Markets Committee has recommended the Town Council to take no action.’
    • ‘I guessed they were coming from a long market day.’
    • ‘Five miles east, Masham was heaving on a market day.’
    • ‘Otavalo is a small town nestled up in the mountains some two hours drive from Quito, and Saturday is its famed market day.’
    • ‘When the next market day came around, the supervision did not wane - if anything it increased.’
    • ‘We are proposing operating Malton market on a Tuesday, which would be our normal market day; and York will stick to Monday and Thursday.’
    • ‘On market day, the chilled produce goes into large Coleman coolers that are kept closed until we need to replenish supplies.’
    • ‘The high street was closed to traffic and although Friday is normally a busy market day in the town, traders closed their stalls out of respect.’
    • ‘The next market day is Saturday, 28 May, and there is plenty of fine fare on the programme.’
    • ‘Both men and women look forward to the weekly market day when goods are bartered, bought, and sold, and social activity is enjoyed.’
    • ‘If approved, the first market day is pencilled in for April 21.’
    • ‘Over two days - one a market day - council officers counted 371 heavy goods vehicles using the High Street, with only 38 stopping to unload.’
    • ‘So the truth lover brought them back to the monastery at the end of the market day.’
    • ‘He remembered his mother buying clothes for herself from a stall that used to come in from the North specially for the big market day.’
    • ‘Keen to build on the success of their recent market day, they now plan to hold monthly markets on Saturdays.’
    • ‘She wants their company on the way home, since there has been both a fair and a market day at Chaseborough, and there may be drunken men in the country lanes.’