Definition of markedness in English:



  • See marked

    • ‘Upon this invariable theme/rheme (left/right) structure the whole textual edifice is erected using the well-established linguistic concept of markedness.’
    • ‘Is idiosyncrasy some sort of statistical measure of deviation from central tendency or is it to be based on notions like markedness of parameter settings and/or presence or absence of peripheral constructs?’
    • ‘The markedness of this dislocation may vary from person to person, and from time to time, but clearly affects the knowledge any one person could have of the list, and how it worked.’
    • ‘The commonest form of markedness constraint is some version of the claim that, at least in internally motivated change, more marked structures will become less marked.’
    • ‘In recent years, researchers in second-language acquisition have begun to consider the application of linguistic markedness theory to aspects of second-language learning.’