Definition of markedly in English:



  • To an extent which is clearly noticeable; significantly:

    ‘new diagnoses have increased markedly since 1998’
    [as submodifier] ‘this advice is markedly different to that last year’
    • ‘The holiday may not have gone entirely to plan, but the PM's body language has changed markedly.’
    • ‘This can reduce our interest bills markedly, and have a substantial impact over the years.’
    • ‘Have you noticed how markedly hospitals have improved in the last few years?’
    • ‘This will force the national team to opt for a markedly aggressive, attacking style of play.’
    • ‘The accent in New Zealand has changed rather markedly from the early colonial days until now.’
    noticeably, decidedly, strikingly, distinctly, remarkably, clearly, plainly
    blatantly, glaringly, unmistakably, conspicuously, pointedly, obviously, manifestly, patently, palpably, signally, significantly, greatly, considerably, substantially, recognizably, discernibly, notably, apparently, evidently, to a marked extent, to a great extent
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