Definition of markdown in English:



  • A reduction in price.

    ‘markdowns of up to 50 per cent on many items’
    • ‘‘I'm seeing a lot of clearance sales - markdowns on top of markdowns,’ she crows.’
    • ‘Gap Inc., which says inventory is about the same as it was a year ago, recently installed software programs that help it plan markdowns.’
    • ‘When the goods delivered to the loading dock aren't what customers are shopping for, stores must resort to the desperate measure of price markdowns.’
    • ‘From there, a mathematical model was developed of each item's intrinsic consumer demand and its response to markdowns, promotions, seasonality and other factors.’
    • ‘Each day, she tracks such measures as the customer-identification rate, percentage of households shopping that week, how many new customers the store is retaining, and markdowns as a percentage of sales.’
    • ‘Their game plan is to boost profits by selling more goods at regular price, instead of last-minute markdowns.’
    • ‘Your first markdown is your cheapest, as they say in the retail business.’
    • ‘The system keeps customers happy, and because in many cases Dell gets paid before the machine is built, the company faces no markdowns for obsolete inventory.’
    • ‘They analyze packaging, pricing, endcap placement, and markdowns, and check out new products from the competition.’
    • ‘The intense pounding of Internet stock prices throughout 2000 translates into big markdowns in deal prices.’
    • ‘Green has condemned the plans as a cost-cutting strategy rather than a retail strategy, and said that the intended savings on markdowns were essentially guesswork, because weather played a major part in price cuts.’
    • ‘Retail giants reported lackluster sales in November despite markdowns on apparel, toys and electronics.’
    • ‘Ultimately, everything may be a little cheaper, because we won't have to absorb the cost of those deep markdowns at the end.’
    • ‘The autumn markdown could make for good stock shopping.’
    • ‘At issue in this example is the point where the cost advantage of a cheaper supplier is offset by a faster supply chain that decreases logistics costs and reduces lost sales and markdowns.’
    • ‘But in place of last season's store-wide clearance sales, this year's markdowns are more strategically planned, and limited to a small number of goods.’
    • ‘If the markdown is from an artificially inflated price, then the advertising is deceptive.’
    • ‘This system reduces the need for retailers to stockpile large inventories of a growing range of products, thereby reducing their risk of stock-outs, markdowns, and inventory carrying costs.’
    • ‘Is there an automatic markdown in price if an item hasn't sold in a certain period of time?’
    • ‘In the customer's eyes, these attributes also indicate that an apparel firm will be able to respond faster and make decisions later in the process, which can reduce the chance for obsolete inventory and markdowns, he says.’
    devaluation, devaluing, decrease in value, lowering in value, reduction in value, cheapening, reduction, decline, downturn, downswing, drop, slump, plunge, tumble
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